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On behalf of the Illinois Communication and Theatre Association, I would like to invite you to present a workshop, panel discussion, poster, or GIFTS session at our upcoming convention. ICTA is the professional organization in Illinois for communication, theatre, debate, forensics, and media for secondary and higher education.

Our theme for 2018 is “Roots, Renaissance, Revolution”, and it is as a call for meaningful collaboration on the challenges we face within our classrooms, our departments, our campuses, and our disciplines within the communication and theatre arts. It asks us to remember where we came from and the issues we have faced; to realize how much we have evolved; and to look forward to the future, both as professionals and as an organization. We feel it is so important to honor our past, but also to embrace the future. The ability to change and adapt is now more important than ever. To quote George Bernard Shaw, “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

In addition to our usual high-quality sessions from (and for) specific groups within our organization, we are also seeking sessions in which we will learn from each other: secondary and higher education, communication and English language arts, faculty and administration, and much more! We would really like to see panels that tie directly into teaching best practices and will include materials to be handed out for our members to take with them, materials they can use right way in their classrooms.

Perhaps you would consider leading a skill-building workshop (teaching particular techniques and demonstrating how those can be applied in participants’ settings), or a panel discussion (focusing on a particular topic, question, issue or challenge) or leading a GIFTS (Great Ideas For Teaching Speech) Session. I sincerely hope you will consider sharing your talents and insight with us in the fall!

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