Private Piano Study at the Music Clubhouse
The Music Clubhouse offers the highest quality piano instruction to students of all ages.

If you are new to the Clubhouse, we will contact you shortly to discuss which instructor might best suit you. We work carefully with each new student to assign them to the teacher that will be the best fit in terms of personality, scheduling, and tuition needs.

The Music Clubhouse is located at 808 W. 24th Street, Lawrence, KS, 66046.
If you have any questions or concerns, please email or call or text 785.393.3183.
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Photography, video, audio, or other media may be acquired during activities at The Music Clubhouse which could identify students and/or family members while in attendance. These items may be published in print and/or electronic media at the careful discretion of the faculty member and Music Clubhouse director. Do you give consent for us to use media of your child in this way? *
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