Bioethics Lunch Discussion - Model to Model Translation
BIONIC and Dr. Barry Belmont invite you to join us for our February Bioethics lunch and round-table discussion! This lunch will focus on Model to Model Translation - in other words, moving health research from one model system to another (e.g. from in vitro tissues to mouse models). How do we know when we're ready to move from one model to another? Are some diseases (e.g. heart disease) more conducive to animal studies than others (e.g. psychosomatic disorders)? Is it possible to know for certain when we should move from non-human models to clinical testing? Please join us for lunch and insightful discussion!

This lunch is part of our event series on the Ethics of Translational Research. The 2020 January, February, and March ethics lunches will canvas three important aspects of Translational Research: 1) how is and should it be payed for, 2) how can we ethically translate research from one model to another (e.g. from mice to humans), and 3) how should medical innovations be commercialized and deployed? This series will culminate in April in our first Bioethics Hackathon, where we will synthesize translational researchers' thoughts on the ethics of Translational Research into a white paper for submission to a peer reviewed bioethics journal. You are free to attend any of the lunches leading up to the Hackathon, but if you are interested in being a Hackathon participant, please reach out to Bobby Graham ( or Barry Belmont ( for more details!

When: Tuesday, February 18th | 12:00 - 1:00 pm
Where: NCRC Building 10, ACR1


Please RSVP by Friday, February 14th!
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