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The Tasmanian Debating Union's Debate Camp is designed to help students develop skills that will enable them to succeed as thinkers, speakers and debaters. Taking place over the course of three and a half days, the camp's schedule will include knowledge workshops, skills exercises, several formal debates, and, of course, plenty of fun.

Debate Camp is open to all students who will enter grades ten to twelve in 2019. Experience with debating is not required, and all interested students are encouraged to participate; we will work with individual debaters at their own pace to ensure they get the most out of the program. Attendance is compulsory for students wishing to be considered for selection to the 2019 state debating team.

The camp will be held at Orana Guide Camp in Roches Beach from Thursday January 10 to Sunday January 13 2019. Debaters will need to arrive by 9am on January 10 and will depart at 1pm on January 13, although the TDU is able to arrange accommodation for students from the North of the state who need to arrive in Hobart on Wednesday afternoon. While at the camp, students will be supervised at all times by experienced TDU adjudicators, all of whom hold current Working With Children Checks.

The cost to participants is $125, covering activities, food and accommodation for the duration of the camp. A $40 deposit (which is ordinarily non-refundable) is required on registration. Please note that financial assistance is available for students who might otherwise be unable to attend (further details are below).

Any questions should be directed to Kathryn Ellis at or on 0488 469 161.


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