FanCon Family Feud Data Collection
Help us to develop a rousing game of Family Feud for DSBN FanCon! Feel free to skip questions you do not have and answer for.
Who is the Best Batman Villain?
What Colour would your Lightsaber be?
What is the Best Young Adult Novel Franchise?
Who is the coolest Horror Movie Villain?
Who is your Favorite Superhero?
What is the Coolest Medieval Weapon
Who is the Best Villain in Anime?
What Super Power Would You Have?
What is the Best Video Game Console?
What is the Best JRPG Video Game Franchise?
Who is your Favorite Science Fiction Robot?
What is the Best Nickelodeon Cartoon?
What Anime has the best Intro Music?
What is your favorite Nintendo Franchise?
What race do you prefer in Dungeons and Dragons?
What is the coolest Spaceship?
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