UNAVCO Tour Wednesday August 7, 2019
CO-LABS network tour of UNAVCO in Boulder, CO.

UNAVCO’s scientists perform cutting-edge research in the geosciences and space sciences that focuses on the structure and dynamics of the crust, hydrosphere, cryosphere, oceans, and the atmosphere. On a global scale, their efforts support defining Earth’s shape, gravity and rotation and understanding the global influences of plate tectonics. UNAVCO’s collective precision and nearly ubiquitous, constant analysis of the earth helps with preparedness, forecast, response and mitigation of earthquakes, volcanic unrest, landslides, wildfires, flooding, severe weather, hurricanes, tsunamis and space weather. UNAVCO’s GPS stations provide 1 to 2 centimeter real-time positions for survey-grade GPS work. DID YOU KNOW: About 50% of the users of UNAVCO’s real-time GPS data are from the private sector. Come look behind the scenes of this mighty global effort, located conveniently across from Avery Brewery, where we will have a social hour.

Date: Wednesday, August 7, 2019
Time: 3:00 - 5:00 pm
Location: UNAVCO in Boulder, CO (details send to attendees)
Info: https://www.unavco.org/about/about.html
Cost: free for CO-LABS members and guests

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