Pre-COP25 and National Consultative Workshop
The upcoming 25th Conference of Parties (COP 25) as scheduled between 3rd and 13th December 2019 in Madrid, Spain is foreseen to bring together a total of 196 countries, the European Union and many other stakeholders with the aim of achieving tougher, more concrete and realistic plans to enhance country-specific Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) by 2020, in line with reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 45 per cent over the next decade, and to net zero emissions by 2050.

Nigeria, African countries, alongside other Actors are expected to deliver their commitments to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with the commitments enshrined in Paris Agreement at the conference of parties in Spain, given the disproportionate impacts of climate change, hence climate week of action in building and contributing to the decisions to be made at the main event (COP).

According to scientific reports presented to the just concluded United Nations Climate Action Summit held in New York, global emissions are reaching record levels and show no sign of peaking. The last four years were reported to be the hottest on record, and winter temperatures in the Arctic have risen by 3°C since 1990. Similarly, sea levels are rising, coral reefs dying, and the anthropogens are starting to see life-threatening impact of climate change on health, through air pollution, heat waves, and risks to food security, migration and conflicts. Worst of it, most if not all of these impacts are majorly felt in Africa despite its least contribution to the global climate crisis.

With COP 25 expected to finalize on pending key documentations as well as discuss reporting and climate governance transparency, this week of action aims; before the onset of such activities; to inspire individuals, partners and organizations to become part of the momentum created by the Africa Climate Week, UNEA 4, eighth Climate Change and Development in Africa Conference (CCDA-VIII),UN Secretary General Climate Action Summit, the 17th African Ministerial Conference on the Environment (AMCEN -17) as well as to inspire a unique and collaborative platform where both the governments and non-state actors in countries would gather to address the diverse but relevant climate issues under one umbrella. Consequently, her National Platforms, affiliate sector-based networks, thematic groups, members and partners have planned a series of activities to be conducted as part of the build-up to the COP25.

As an Africa-wide annual initiative, the “Week of Action” is conducted in selected countries and capitals and aimed at mobilizing and stimulating actions and reinforcing efforts to exercise the power of collective action ahead of COPs.

Since 2009, the initiative has linked actions from local to national and international levels, progressively increased the number of people mobilized, expanded the numbers of countries and communities partnering, raised the scale, intensity and boldness of our actions, and enhanced our strength and power to contribute in the best way possible the prevention of planetary catastrophe.

This year the Week of Action will be held from 18th to 29th November 2019. Exceptions will be given to countries if they ask, and based on context.

General Objective The general objective of this climate week is to bring together diverse stakeholders, individuals in public and private sectors around a common goal of fighting climate crisis.

Specific Objectives

The climate week of action will aspire to achieve the following objectives;
i. To provide a platform for the various stakeholders within the climate crisis mitigation and adaptation and mitigation field to learn from one another and put efforts together to beat climate change.
ii. To ignite Africa level action and discussion in readiness for the 25th Conference of parties to be held in Spain
iii. To prioritize; out of the discussion and actions; concrete issues that would form part of the African CSO position for the 25th conference of parties (COP 25) to held in Spain in December 2019
iv. To explore and deliberate on converging areas of lobbying, advocacy and mobilisation at the national level among non-state actors and government.

The main results expected from the workshop are:
i. The Paris Agreement Implementation Package and the conclusions of the Bonn Intersessional Meeting (June 2019) are translated including the discussions on Article 6 on New Market Mechanisms and no market to put in place to facilitate the implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement;
ii. The main priorities of the Country and the key points to be followed in the negotiations are identified for the COP25 in Madrid and are defended within the Africa group;
iii. Links between the various experts and the different negotiating themes are established in such a way as to exploit synergies; A national CSO position on COP25
iv. Participants are informed and agreed on the activities planned by States and National organizations at COP25;
v. A plan in place for the coordinated participation of Nigeria and West Africa in the COP25.
The participants will consist of UNFCCC focal points and experts from the environment ministries in Nigeria, the Nigerian Civil Society Framework on Paris Agreement and SDGs (NCSFPAS), cutting across the six geo-political zones in Nigeria, including the focal point on climate change or a climate change negotiator as well as a member of the national committee NDC, and ECOWAS Commission.

The meeting will take place from 19 to 20 November 2019 and Location (To Be Communicated, TBC).

Climate & Sustainable Development Network (CSDevNet), a network of over 300 civil society organisations cutting across the six geo-political zones in Nigeria, is organising this workshop in collaboration with the Nigerian Civil Society Framework on Paris Agreement and SDGs (NCSFPAS) and the Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA) through a partnership between ECOWAS, Department of Climate Change, Federal Ministry of Environment (DCC, FME) and other key collaborating agencies at the national level. The initiative seeks to sustain synergy and collaborative effort in Nigeria and the global call for action against climate change, and responses to the challenges posed by global warming.
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