2020 AHC Proposal Form
Conference Theme: Raising the Question of the Meaning of Being Human in Humanistic Counseling

Participants who plan to attend the AHC National Conference are invited to submit proposals to present in one hour and 50-minute sessions or panels, 50-minute education sessions, 50-minute roundtable sessions, or 30-minute poster presentations. The AHC conference committee will review the proposals. Presentations should explore the question of personhood or being a self in the context of counseling practice, research, supervision, or education. For example, a presentation might focus on the topic of human nature in private practice settings. A presentation might explore how to teach holism in instructional contexts. Or, a presentation might address the source of problems that prompt a person to seek help from a counselor. Additional topics might include:

· The question of human freedom vs. determinism

· The question of altruism vs. egoism

· Individualistic vs. collectivistic models of being a person

· Biological essentialism vs. social constructionism

· Modern vs. postmodern views of the self

· The intersection of trauma research and views of the self

· The question of being a person and the problem of suicide

· The “self” that is taken for granted in self-esteem, self-confidence, self-efficacy, etc.

· The question of human nature vs. culture

· Humanism and the counseling profession
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