LCSRA Referee Evaluation
Evaluation Answers are based on 1 to 5 scale with (1) being Poor; (2) Somewhat Poor; (3) Average; (4) Good and (5) Very Good  
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Game Level *
Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to game time to check in players? *
Appear well groomed and wearing the proper uniform? *
Display a courteous & professional attitude towards coaches, players, and spectators? *
Keep up with play for the whole game? *
Maintain good positioning to judge fouls and goals? *
Display CLEAR signals [ie: voice, hands, whistle]? *
Distinguish trifling from non_trifling offences? *
Maintain an appropriate level of game control? *
Were the decisions accurate and consistent OVERALL? *
Specifically, did the Referee recognize
Intentional handling vs. the ball accidentally striking the hand? *
Fair vs. Unfair charging? *
Legal vs. Illegal slide tackling? *
Legal vs. Illegal obstruction? *
Dangerous Play? *
Cautions or Ejections appropriate to the misconduct? *
Dissent? Encroachment on free kicks? *
Persistent Misconduct? *
Serious Infractions? *
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