LHCOS Approved Seller Application
You are applying to be granted Approved Seller status by The Land Hermit Crab Owners Society and its flagship site The Crab Street Journal. We are looking for the best to join and expand our collection of approved sellers.

We believe in a community approach in that sellers support each other instead of aggressively competing against each other. We want you to be an active part of our community. If you are simply looking to expand your customer base, this is not the community for you.

We believe in honesty and transparency and good customer service. Repeated, unresolved customer complaints may result in loss of approved status.

The LHCOS Board of Directors and Local Representatives will vote as a group on additions and removals.

Please review the full program requirements here: http://lhcos.org/approved-sellers/
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Your name *
Your store name *
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Please list the types of items you sell *
If you are not currently selling food but decide to do so in the future do you agree to re-apply for Approved Seller status so that we may review your new set up? *
What safe/unsafe lists do you use as a reference? *
How do you research the safety of items not on our lists? *
Do you agree to provide ingredients lists to customers/team members when requested? *
Do you have clearly stated shipping policies including handling time? *
Do you provide a clear method for customers to contact you with issues? *
Do you have a clearly stated policy regarding allergens? (Smoke, pet hair, shell fish) *
Are the food recipes or mixes you sell: *
Do you agree to our community mindset in that we are here to help and support each other and to be held to the standards outlined on the program page? *
Please send a photo of your food prep tools and the area where you work to landhermitcrabownerssociety@gmail.com after you submit your form. *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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