Applicant Clergy Reference Request 2019
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Metropolis of Chicago FANARI CAMP Applicant Reference Request 2019
Dear Reference Provider,

Many young adults have applied for a staff position with the Metropolis of Chicago FANARI CAMP this summer. Each applicant has been asked to provide a clergy and personal reference who could evaluate his/her past performance, as well as, potential for the position for which they are applying . We would appreciate your feedback as indicated below. The references are an important part of the application process and your thoughtful and frank comments will be appreciated.


FANARI CAMP at the St. Iakovos Retreat Center is the summer camping ministry for the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago. The applicant, if selected, will be responsible for the daily care of children, as well as, supervising various camp activities. The applicant will work as a camp counselor with children 11 to 16 years of age.

Please, feel free to contact me with any questions.

In Christ's Service,

Fr. Chris Avramopoulos, Director
Fanari Camp

Cell: 708-288-2876

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First name of the person who asked you to provide this reference
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Objective Rating of Applicant
Please, candidly evaluate the applicant based on your observed knowledge using the following scale definitions, keeping in mind, that no one candidate will excel in ALL areas listed. If, based on your observation/interaction with the candidate, you do not feel you are able to assess the quality, please select "No basis for rating".
In my opinion, the applicant seems more mature than his/her peers. *
In my opinion, the applicant is perceptive to situations going on in his/her surroundings. *
In my opinion, the applicant shows leadership in either official and/or unofficial capacities. *
In my opinion, the applicant is often sensitive to the needs of others. *
In my opinion, the applicant demonstrates good problem solving skills. *
In my opinion, the applicant would probably respond well in crisis situations. *
In my opinion, the applicant would put his/her principles and convictions into action. *
In my opinion, the applicant has the ability to lead campers toward the spiritual objective of the camp, as well as, lead discussions and prayers. *
In my opinion, the applicant typically follows and complies with procedures and rules.
Narrative Report of Applicant
Please, elaborate on the instances in which you have observed the applicant's behavior as it applies to any of these items. If you have no knowledge or basis for comment, please let us know.
How would you describe the applicant's participation at Liturgical services? *
How would you describe the applicant's participation in the Sacraments? (Confession & Communion) *
Please, select the choice that best describes the applicant's knowledge of the Faith: *
In which parish organizations has the applicant been active? (Please, check as many that apply) *
Would you be willing to have your children under this indivudual's supervision in a camp situation? *
To your knowledge, does this individual have any tendency toward child or sexual abuse? *
In what way(s) do you think this applicant would benefit from a position with FANARI CAMP? *
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Please, make any additional comments you think might be helpful to us in determining whether this applicant has the qualifications to be a hardworking member of the staff and a positive role model to all.
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To the best of my knowledge, all statements made or indicated on this Refernce Form are true and represent my honest appraisal of the qualifications of the applicant.
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