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Please complete this form if your organization is looking for assistance in hosting an event.

The Hawai'i Library Association, in general, does not support events that are only to support one library or their users, but rather considers requests for funding of events that nurture librarianship in Hawai'i, such as professional development opportunities that are made available to all HLA members. Applications are decided upon by the HLA Board at monthly meetings. Any request should be submitted well in advance of the event in order to allow for discussion regarding your proposal.

Submission of this form is not a guarantee of funds or assistance by the Hawai'i Library Association.
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1)Funding: If you are seeking funds will there be other organizations sponsoring the event? If so what will their contribution be? HLA will require an itemized budget list in advance of any purchases made with their contributions.

2)Planning/Coordination (Communication, logistics, overall organization, etc...): How much assistance do you need with planning your event? At no time should HLA be expected to be the primary planner or coordinator of another organization's event.

3)Physical Assistance (Set up/take down of event): Will other groups or individuals be on hand to assist with this task? Someone from your organization must coordinate this effort. At no time should HLA be expected to be the primary labor provider, unless previously arranged with HLA.
1) If you are seeking funding, how much?
1a) Are there other co-sponsors? If so, please indicate specific commitments and status of co-sponsors in a narrative.
2) What type of planning/coordination assistance is needed?
3) What type of physical assistance is needed?
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