MUNSA Elections 2016-17 Nomination Form
MUNSA is holding elections for its President and Vice President positions for the 2016-17 year. Please fill out this form if you are interested in running for any of the positions described below:

The President's primary role is to oversee the general operations of the club, co-ordinate with relevant VP's on their portfolios and duties, and set the club's direction for the upcoming academic year. Ad hoc duties include applying for grants, advising VP's on their duties and assisting VP's as and when required.

VP Academic
The VP Academic creates a yearlong training schedule for conferences, selects delegates and head delegates for conferences, assists head delegates in planning and coordinating training sessions, liaises with delegates via email, attends MUNSA training sessions. The VP Academic also works alongside VP Logistics and VP Finance in order to estimate and confirm conferences costs and transportation options. Overall, they ensure that the MUNSA conference experience is educational, inclusive, and safe.

VP Internal
The VP internal handles the inner workings of the club including organizing club meetings, writing minutes, taking care of the club office space and coordinating office hours. The VP also coordinates communication between executives through Facebook and via Google Docs and overall ensures the organizational efficiency of the club. The VP Internal is also in charge of membership including attracting new members on clubs days, keeping track of members, mailing lists and waiver forms and distributing membership cards. On this front, the VP Internal is responsible for organizing activities for members such as study sessions and board game nights in coordination with the VP External and VP Logistics.

VP External
The VP External handles all of MUNSA's external relations, this includes collaborations with other club and communications with other MUNSA partners such as event venues and foundations. As part of external relations the VP coordinates all social media presence and promotion for the club, managing the club's Twitter and Facebook accounts. Finally, the VP External works closely with the Director of Fundraising to create a fundraising plan for the year and helps the Director logistically implement those fundraisers.

VP Finance
The VP Finance is in charge of keeping accounts of records of transactions and documents, cross referencing and proofing financial documents between internal and external sources, drafting grant/scholarship/sponsorship letters with the Undersecretary to the VP Finance, VP External, VP Logistics, Director of Grants and Director of Fundraising, contacting and visiting the AMS for various purposes, including depositing money, ordering cheques/bank orders, reimbursing students, short-term loan requests, etc., cash handling, counting, and depositing money during club events, proposing fundraising ideas, drafting budgets during the summer, and ensuring proper handling of club expenditures throughout the school year.

VP Logistics
The VP Logistics is responsible for all the logistical issues in the club; regarding conferences (booking flights, hotel accommodations, etc) and booking classroom space for MUNSA events. The VP Logistics also works closely with the VP Finance and Director of Grants for the financial aspect. When planning logistics for conferences, the VP Logistics works closely with the Head Delegate of the conference to organize around their preferences and with the Director of Conferences regarding one-day conferences. Finally, the VP Logistics also works closely with the VP External and the Director of Fundraising regarding events for the club.

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