Share your TB/Consumption in Ireland stories
In this time of worry and doubt we believe that history has an important role to play in how we develop social practices for dealing with the Covid-19 virus. Many people who grew up in the 1940s/50s and 60s will have memories of TB affecting their families and communities. Sharing those stories may pass on generational wisdom to help face our current challenges.

If you have stories you are willing to share then please fill in the form below. We ask for your name and email address (we will not share these details with anybody) and will only use them to contact you about this project. We intend to publish suitable stories, in the name of the author to our web platform
These stories will be sent to John Tierney ( who will contact you to discuss further before publishing any of the stories.

In these days of #lockdown and social/physical distancing we ask that people do this research from their own homes. Gather your memories and stories without going out. Ring friends and family to check stories and details but abide by the new rules especially if you are in the higher risk groups.
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Have you any phrases or sayings related to TB?
Did ye have any local cures (prayers/plant lore) for TB?
Did your own family have direct experience of TB?
Did any of your family or neighbours stay at a TB Sanatorium (such as Heatherside, Crooksling, Newcastle)?
Did people have different names for TB eg. consumption/the delicacy?
Did people self quarantine or did people mix with infected individuals?
Was there social stigma associated with TB? How was such stigma manifest?
What places in your parish are associated with TB? Sanatorium? Dispensary?
A particular house 'emptied' by TB?
Do you have stories of any health professionals who treated TB/Consumption in the community and who may have contracted the illness as a result? Can you research and tell their story?

Do you have a memory or story you are willing to share? *
What is your TB-related story?
Do you think TB-related experiences can help us 'deal with' Covid-19? How?
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