MM Intake! (via 1-800-MISS-YOU)
Before you take your first call: read this blurb!

Welcome! And thank you for being one of our FIRST volunteers to receive calls via our hotline. :)

Below you will find a form to fill out when you receive a call from a homeless client looking for their loved ones. But to fully understand the form below, we know that a bit more context (and maybe even some training!) would be helpful.

And so, as a first step, if you haven't gone through our short training doc yet for receiving calls via our hotline, please do that now. That way, you will be well-prepared for when your first call comes in! :)

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MM hotline training for volunteers! Click this link:
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Hey, my name is VOLUNTEER NAME. What's your name?

Hi CLIENT NAME, nice to meet you.

I'm a volunteer messenger with Miracle Messages. We help people experiencing homelessness reconnect with their loved ones.

Is there someone that you would like to reconnect with?

Great! I'd be happy to try to help you. I'll ask you a few questions about yourself and your loved one, and then share what you share with me with our volunteer detectives, who will then try to locate and reach out to your loved one on your behalf.

Sound good?

Great. And just so you know, this call may be recorded.

Client information (required)
Okay, let's begin. What's your full name? *
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And NAME, what's the best way to reach you again? *
CLIENT_CONTACT. Preferably, a reliable phone number.
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Great. And what city are you calling from? *
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Thanks NAME. And what's your date of birth? *
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Loved one information (required)
And NAME, who is it that you would like to reconnect with? *
LOVED_ONE_RELATION. e.g., sister
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Okay. And what's your RELATION's full name? *
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Okay, and what's NAME's date of birth or approximate age? *
LOVED_ONE_DOB. [note: if the loved one is under 18 years old, we cannot search for them; apologize, and end the call]
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Okay. And what's NAME's last known location? Do you any of their previous addresses? *
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Loved one information (optional)
What's NAME's race or ethnicity?
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And how many years has it been since you've seen NAME?
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And do you know the names of any of NAME's other relatives?
LOVED_ONE_OTHERS. Enter full names and any other information provided.
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Client information (optional)
And now just a few quick background questions. Have you experienced homelessness? Oh really. For how long?
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How did you become homeless?
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How did you lose touch with NAME?
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And how did you hear about Miracle Messages?
The Miracle Message
from the client to their loved one
Would you like to record a short message to NAME?
Great! So: if NAME were here, what would you like to say to him/her?
Your answer
And what's your desired outcome of the message?
Your answer
Terrific, thanks. Anything else we should know?
Your answer
Great. We'll start searching for NAME.

Just to confirm, the best way to reach you again is CONTACT?

And finally, so that we can show NAME that we spoke today, can you take a quick selfie after this call and text it to us? You can text us the selfie at 1-800-MISS-YOU, and call or text this same number anytime for updates on your case.

Thank you!

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