Enough is Enough KCKPS Speech Contest Sponsored by DEBATE-Kansas City
A online speech contest! For KCKPS students with cash prizes and more at stake!

KCKPS USD 500, led by the student board of Enough is Enough and DEBATE-Kansas City.

This form will serve as entry for the KCKPS speech contest. Each entrant will have 3 to 5 minutes to respond to this prompt: USD 500 students have faced many tragedies in the last year. Specifically student deaths related to gun violence and suicide have taken more than 20 KCKPS students. What could or should we, Wyandotte County citizens do to address the trauma and underlying causes of this violence? Your speech should offer steps to address and prevent these lives from being lost. For more reference around the initiative, visit kckps.org and go to enough.KCKPS.org.

Submissions should be recorded and uploaded to a private youtube channel. Upon completion of the submission please add the link to the speech on the appropriate line below on this form. We will consider all KCKPS students who apply. This opportunity is reserved for students of KCPS only.

Speeches should consist of a clear and dynamic introduction, 1 to 3 major points or observations, evidence to support your claims, and a strong conclusion highlighting what your plan would do and how it would achieve your stated goal. DEBATE-Kansas City staff and KCPS debate educators are available to provide tutoring or coaching to any KCPS student who would like support in entering the contest. Please E-Mail Corey Fisher (cf7t4@umkc.edu)to coordinate and place mentoring and tutoring opportunities.

The Student Board of Enough is Enough will pick a top slate of entries to be sent to the Board of Education of KCKPS. The Board of Education will judge each video on the quality and strength of the positions as well as the ability to make a strong connection with the viewer. Cash prizes and other electronic surprises will be distributed to top three entries selected by the Board of Education.

Accepting submissions Tuesday January 19th 2021 to Tuesday February 16th 2021

For additional questions or concerns please contact:

Bennett Adink, Sumner Academy & Student Chair of Enough is Enough KCPS Speech Contest Email: 24benadd@m.kckps.org


Isaac Allen Executive Director DEBATE-Kansas City allenic@umkc.edu


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