Diversity of the human GI tract - Cadaveric Measurement Protocol
Purpose: For this activity you will be measuring different organs within the GI tract. It is important that you are familiar with the anatomical terminology of the GI tract before you take these measurements. This activity will help reinforce the structures we discuss in lecture and lab. On the following pages of this survey, you will find a list of anatomical structures and particular ways to take measurements.

Tools: flexible measuring tape, calipers, string, scissors.

Directions: For each structure, have 3 different students measure each of these items to the nearest tenth of a centimeter. In the blank provide the 3 measurements separated by a comma and a single space (Ex: 24.2, 25.0, 24.6). Some measurements are part of an equation. Have each of the 3 students complete the equation for their measurements.

If structures are curved or winding (like the small intestines or stomach), do your best with the flexible measuring tape (or string) to provide a measurement along the ridge or outer boundary. Have at least 2 members of the team work together to help hold the string and tissues. Pay attention to the anatomical structures you see as you are moving along the GI tract.

Please provide notes and details in the provided spaces if you can determine if there have been surgeries to remove/repair/alter tissues or organs.

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