Chili & Stew Submission
DIY Lowell is hosting a fundraiser and wants you to enter your favorite chili or spicy stew in our annual Contest!

We provide grated cheese, oyster crackers, and welcome other add-ons that make your chili sing! We also provide 2 oz cups and spoons.

You will need to bring enough for sixty 2-oz servings and list of ingredients in a slow cooker or other means of keeping it warm on Fri, Mar 13, 6:30 pm at the Onyx Room in Western Avenue Studios. You can choose to stay for the event or drop off the chili and pick it up at the end of the event (9:00 pm).

Attendees vote on the chili. The winner will get:

« $20 gift certificate from a neighborhood business
« A lovely certificate
« Bragging Rights!
What is the name or type of chili or stew? (Examples: Gobble Gobble Great Turkey, Spicy Vegetarian, West African Groundnut)
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