DCAA Scholarships Application
The Daily Cardinal Alumni Association awards three scholarships, for $500 each, for the following academic year, deducted from the recipient’s tuition. The quality of work for the Daily Cardinal and financial need are considered equally in the selection of recipients. Winners are chosen by the DCAA Scholarship Committee and are announced in April each year.

All applications must be received by February 15, 2019 to be considered. Submit your work samples as links to web sites.

The Winner's Circle Scholarship

This is open to staff members who will work as desk editors in any section of the paper during the next academic year. It is intended to allow experienced reporters and editors to remain at The Cardinal as desk editors in order to pass on their knowledge to others. This scholarship was established by Marilyn Johnson Shuman, a former managing editor.

The James J. Forsmo Scholarship

This is open to all photographers, staff artists and photo/graphics editors. It is intended to provide continuity and leadership, while emphasizing the importance of visual elements of the Cardinal. This scholarship was established by Sharon Forsmo, in memory of her husband James J. Forsmo, a former graphics editor.

The Keenen Peck Scholarship

This is open to all opinion writers or desk editors. It is intended to reflect Keenen's passion for journalism and politics by encouraging students with plans in those fields to pursue them. This scholarship was established by Keenen's cohort at the Cardinal and seeded with the generosity of the Kohl Foundation.
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