(THIS FORM IS FOR STAFF USE ONLY: For youth who are still in care and/or receiving services from DSS.)

If the youth is still in care and/or receiving services from DSS, the youth's DSS worker must also fill out the worker form.
The Virginia Department of Social Services recognizes that we do better work with the input of those impacted by our policies. We need the voice of youth to make a difference in the way youth are served in the foster care system.

SPEAKOUT is for youth in foster care and alumni who are willing to provide input on foster care regulations, policy, guidance, and practice concerns, while also building advocacy and leadership skills.

The group will ideally consist of 15-20 foster youth from across the state. It is expected that the group will meet several times a year to discuss issues and share ideas with VDSS. During the first two meetings, participants will be making decisions about the structure and format of the group moving forward.

If you have any questions, please email Speakout@dss.virginia.gov or contact Chauncey Strong or Em Parente:

Chauncey Strong, MSW
Youth Development Specialist
(804) 229-2211

Em Parente
Foster Care & Family Engagement Program Manager
(804) 726-7538

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SPEAKOUT may use audio or visual recordings for a variety of publicity purposes. I realize that the use of such is strictly voluntary and at my discretion. My decision whether to grant consent or not will not affect services. I have been informed and understand the confidentiality policy and the confidential nature of information and will not hold SPEAKOUT liable for voluntarily or inadvertently disclosing information. *
Transportation and Permission to Contact Youth
For youth under the age of 18: By typing my name below, I am granting permission for staff to transport (if necessary) this registered youth to and from activities for SPEAKOUT events. I also grant permission for the staff to contact this registered youth after this event through email, phone and/or Facebook. *
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