Needs Analysis
Your English Training with English Of Course is about to start and we would like to make sure that the lessons will suit your professional and personal needs. The information gathered in this survey will help us plan your future lessons. Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.
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If you answered Yes before, where and when was your last English training?
For my job, I mainly communicate … *
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How important is it for you to be able to ... *
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Introduce yourself and describe what you do at work?
Discuss projects you are working on?
Talk about free time and hobbies?
Explain how something works?
Deal with customers?
Welcome visitors?
Explain changes?
Present and discuss plans?
Deal with orders?
Discuss your place of work?
Discuss and make decisions?
Give presentations?
Solve problems?
Describe processes and make appointments?
Give feedback and set objectives?
give reports?
How important are these communication skills for you? *
Not important
Social / Conversational English
Making telephone calls
Attending meetings
Giving and attending presentations
Writing emails
1 How much time do you have for self-study on this course?
Clear selection
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Car industry
Holidays & Countries
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