I.D.E.A Competition 2019 (Interdisciplinary Design and Engineering Affiliations Competition)
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I.D.E.A is an annual competition held by IEEE Ryerson Biomedical Chapter that brings together students from a diverse group of programs to solve real world issues. Through the competition this year, we aim to combine the expertise of students of all disciplines to solve a prominent issue facing the Ryerson community. This collaboration will provide students with a simulation of a working environment in the industry: thus, placing material, time and regulation restrictions to solve the given problem in hand. The multifaceted nature of the design problem provided from our industry collaborators will challenge students to provide a solution that is cost-effective, feasible, innovative and efficient.


The objective of IDEA 2019 competition is to encourage undergraduate engineering, nursing, business, architecture, interior design and science students to utilize their creativity and understanding of key concepts to better enhance current healthcare practices or devices. Students must improve existing or develop newer healthcare practices or devices that can benefit society.

Students must design a marketable healthcare product, or a healthcare service that is a significant improvement upon previous designs. Winning entries will combine originality, technical and economic feasibility, justifiable design choices, and high-quality presentation.

Example Presentation Topics:

• Improvement to current study rooms and lecture halls at Ryerson for accessibility purposes
• Creation of a portable device to detect skin cancers and lesions
• Reducing wait times in the emergency department of hospitals

In this design competition you will be presenting your OWN design problem and issue that current healthcare industries face while working with your team to present your solution to our professionals.


A maximum of 4 members can be in each team. The following prizes will be given:

Most Innovative Design: $150
Most Effective Design Award: $150
Best Technological Application Award: $150


IDEA COMPETITION: 25 January 2019 (6 to 9 pm)

The final presentation will be 6 minutes long with a 2 minute grace period. Sign up for the presentations will be sent out on 21st January 2019.

Judging Rubric

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