Entrepreneurial Support Center for SRS Graduates
The objective of the Entrepreneurial Support Center (ESC) is to aid you in continuing your work done in the SRS program. We will do so through matching you with business consultants selected from BYU-I students/faculty and finding areas of growth required to ensure the success of your business. Your information will be used to determine the direction of the Entrepreneurial Support Center for the future. We also want to test these advising methods with you to help you with your entrepreneurial needs. There is no cost or obligation to be part of this program. Thank you for your responses.
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Are you able to meet with groups of BYUI Business students in Rexburg, or via conference calls over the next 2-3 months? Daytime and evening meeting times can be arranged.
Would you be more interested in this program if banks, investors, SBC representatives and other external professionals were to be involved?
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