Harvey Relief Done Quick - Run Submissions

1. You submit this form
2. Committee will immediately begin processing submissions, because of time constraint
3. We will pick roughly 48 hours of runs, with an extra 12 hours of backup runs for drops or tech issues.
4. You will be emailed when your run is selected. CHECK FOR THIS EMAIL by around 8PM EDT Thursday
5. The email will provide instructions on joining a particular Discord server. You MUST BE IN THAT SERVER by Friday at 12PM (Noon) EDT. That is how we will verify you are available for your run.
6. Further instructions will be provided in the Discord.

SUBMITTING HERE WILL NOT AFFECT YOUR AGDQ SUBMISSIONS, FEEL FREE TO RE-SUBMIT THE SAME RUN. However, if you do manage to get yourself banned, that will remove you from AGDQ.


There is no specific deadline, however we will be emailing the accepted/backup runners by 8PM EDT on Thursday. We will stop looking for submissions once we have a full schedule.

1. We will be using a private RTMP server for your stream. Don't worry, it's very similar to Twitch.
2. You must be able to sustain 1000kbps bitrate streaming for SD games, or 2000kbps for HD games. 60fps is preferred, but 30fps is acceptable. Maximum resolution is 1280x720.
3. A webcam is not required, but you may provide it. (We are working on logistics of this, we may drop it later)
4. Your stream layout should ONLY contain your game and the webcam (if any), side by side, on a black background.
5. You must be able to use Discord with a working microphone. You will be expected to provide commentary. We may allow you to invite others for commentary, but do not rely on this!
6. Game audio should be on your RTMP stream. Do NOT have your Discord audio go on your stream. If you cannot figure out how to keep them separate, consider using Discord on a tablet or laptop.
7. You MUST be in the Discord and ready to go & respond at least 30 minutes prior to your run. We will be attempting to set up the next one before the previous one ends. If you have tech questions, do NOT wait until the last moment, or your run will be replaced.

1. You are still subject to the Games Done Quick rules: https://gamesdonequick.com/rules
2. In general, keep it clean and you'll be fine. Remember, no politics, no harassment, and keep swearing to a minimum.
3. ONE FORM SUBMISSION PER PERSON. Duplicates will be discarded.


If you have questions, reach out on our Twitter or on the GDQ Discord. We know time is a serious restriction here, but we hope to make it as smooth as we can. There will be bumps, so please be patient!

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