NJ GSA Forum Program Book Ads
Please use this form to reserve ad space in the GSA Forum's program book, which reaches more than 500
LGBTQ youth and adults each conference.
Payment information is included in the response form which you will see once you have submitted this form.

All ad copies must be submitted by October 15th using .pdf, .jpg, or .png formats.
Please submit any grayscale ads in black and white (grayscale formats only, use color copy only for full color ads).

$75 quarter page or business card, black and white
$200 half page, black and white
$350 full page, black and white
$500 inside covers, full color

17 November 2018
Middletown High School South
900 Nut Swamp Rd, Middletown, NJ 07748
More information: https://www.rustincenter.org/gsaforum/
Contact Information: RustinCenter@gmail.com

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