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A few questions to help us get you all set up as an IX-Denver member.
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Is the organization listed in PeeringDB?
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Who should we talk to about billing and other non-technical matters?
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Port Speed?
Defaults to 10G if not answered (N/A for PacketFabric)
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Defaults to 1 if not answered (N/A for PacketFabric)
Would you like your port(s) configured as a LAG?
Defaults to No if not answered (N/A for PacketFabric)
Access or Trunk
Defaults to Access if not answered (N/A for PacketFabric or Extension Switch)
Port MAC Address
MAC address of your IX-Denver facing port. If adding multiple ports, separate MAC addresses with commas (limit 1 MAC per port).
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IRR Record
Required if you will be using IX-Denver Route Servers (ignore if not). - RADDB
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Port Restrictions *
Please acknowledge the IX-Denver port restrictions: Sending BPDUs will result in your port being shut down for 5 minutes. Sending more than one MAC address will result in your port being shut down for 5 minutes. Repeated violations may result in your membership being revoked.
Feel free to add any additional information you'd like us to have.
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