TORCH® Peer Leader Application
Welcome to the TORCH® Peer Leader Application!

TORCH® is a paid peer education program that centers Black and Brown NYC youth. Our workshops combine sexual and reproductive health/rights/justice education and leadership training. Operating from a Black queer, feminist lens the program incorporates youth-driven community action initiatives and fosters strong community partnerships to:
-Provide knowledge and empowerment opportunities for young people to make informed choices;
-Support the next generation of the sexual reproductive justice movement by fostering awareness and
-Offer accessible comprehensive sexuality education that is medically accurate and inclusive of various
identities and experiences.

During the Summer, TORCH® brings together young people to be apart of our New Peer Leader Academy where we train our new peer leaders on topic related to sexual and reproductive health and the reproductive justice movement.

After the New Peer Leader Academy, peer leaders will work as TORCH® peer leaders where they will either facilitate sexual and reproductive health workshops to teens throughout the city and/or organize around reproductive justice issues that impact Black and Brown NYC teens.

The TORCH® New Peer Leader Academy will start Monday July 8th and end Friday August 9th. New Peer Leader Academy will be from Monday-Thursday 10am-4pm. All Fridays, with the exception of two, will not have New Peer Leader Academy. New Peer Leader Academy will take place at the National Institute for Reproductive Health, the organization that TORCH® is apart of, located on 14 Wall Street. New peer leaders will also partake in a weekend retreat as an opportunity to bond and to become immerse into TORCH® during New Peer Leader Academy.

TORCH® will have regular programming on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 4:30pm-6:30pm starting in September and ending in June. Peer leaders will occasionally be working additional hours to facilitate workshops and to lead their community organizing initiatives.

During New Peer Leader Academy, peer leaders will be compensated at the price of $12/hr. After New Peer Leader Academy, the rate will remain the same when peer leaders are at Tuesday and Thursday regular programming and additional work that they do.

Peer Leader Applications Due: Saturday June 1st by midnight
New Peer Leader Interviews: Occur during the week of June 17th
Decisions are shared: Wednesday, June 26th
New Peer Leader Academy: July 8th- August 9th
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