BBKA News Reader Survey 2021

We are constantly striving to improve the service we offer our readers and we value your opinions
and ideas on the current BBKA News content, article balance and style. With this in mind we
would like to seek your views, so that we may better understand what we are doing right and
where we can make changes for the better. We will appreciate if you could take a few minutes to
read through the questions below and give us your feedback.
1. Focusing on magazine content, the features you find most interesting/read most often are (please tick all that apply): *
2. Focusing on the general balance of articles in the BBKA News please tick the appropriate boxes below *
Too Many
About right
Too few
(a) Practical articles
(b) Research/Scientific articles
(c) Information from the BBKA Executive
(d) General Interest eg:Beekeeping charities
3. Focusing on the general balance of articles in BBKA News, please tick the appropriate boxes below.
(a) The magazine is easy to read
(b) The size and colours of the font are suitable
(c) There are enough photographs and/or illustrations
(d) The colours used are legible
(e) The articles are the right length
(f) The magazine is well laid out
4. Please tick the boxes you most agree with in answer to the following questions: *
Strongly agree
Neither agree or disagree
Strongly disagree
I generally enjoy reading BBKA News
The magazine is too long
The magazine is too short
The magazine length is about right
The content is suitable for beginners
The content is suitable for experienced beekeepers
The advertisements are useful to me
I would like reader offers
I would like competitions
5. Are there any additional areas you would like BBKA News to cover? Please write in the textbox below.
6. Would you like to offer to write for BBKA News? Please provide contact details, including an email address in the box below.
7. Would you prefer a printed copy or online access ? Please tick appropriate box *
8. Please write your age here *
9. We would welcome any additional comments you have in the box below *
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