2024 WSRO Call for Presenters
The WSRO Board of Directors is excited to announce the 2024 WSRO Conference "How a Great City Moves," at the Centennial by Davenport in Spokane, Washington from Sunday, September 29th to Tuesday, October 1st.

WSRO 2024 conference sessions will provide timely and relevant strategies and ideas for Employee Transportation Coordinators (ETCs), transportation demand management (TDM) professionals, and transportation planners at large. WSRO welcomes members and non-members to present and encourage presenters from outside the state of Washington. First time speakers may be eligible for complimentary registration, otherwise presenters received a discounted registration at $225.00. The hotel per diem rate is $127.00 per night. * If you have any questions, please email wsroboard@gmail.com

WSRO encourages individuals and panel presenters to apply. If you need help finding other speakers, please submit independently and the WSRO Board will help match you with other speakers. Presentation blocks will range from 60-90 minutes, including time for Q&A, depending on the number of presenters. 

Submission Deadline: April 30th, 2024

Submissions are evaluated based on the following criteria; please ensure that your session description provides enough information for the board to evaluate your proposal. The WSRO Board plans to confirm presenters by June 3, 2024. 

Highly successful submissions will address all evaluation criteria; however, WSRO encourages submissions that may not fully address every criterion and all submissions will be fully considered for conference participation.

Session Evaluation Criteria:
1. Clearly falls within one of the identified topic areas below (1-3 points)
2. Content is tailored to Employee Transportation Coordinators and TDM professionals (1-3 points)
3. Offers a diverse representation of speakers (organizations, geography, public/private, etc.) (1-3 points)
4. Presents timely and relevant information (1-3 points)
5. Articulates data to support findings or ideas (1-3 points)
6. Avoids solicitation of particular services, products, or vendors (1-3 points)
7. Clearly and explicitly addresses equity (1-3 points)

Proposed Session Topic Areas:
- Sessions tailored for ETCs (employee surveys, programs, communication, partnerships, leadership, etc.)
- Infusing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in transportation programs and projects
- Interactive workshops, tours or field trips
- Car-lite or car-free living
- Funding opportunities for travel options programs
- Change management, motivational interviewing, outreach or program management, or other skills training
- Mobility and access in suburbs and rural communities and/or additional underserved audiences
- Marketing and communications
- Public policy and advocacy
- "All trips" programs focused on education, daily errands, social, medical, and/or school trips

Do you have something different in mind, or suggestions for a local tour or group activity? Email wsroboard@gmail.com

*While room block spaces are available; per diem rate may be updated for fall 2024.
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