Lesson Three--The NATO Charter and You
For this lesson, please go and read the NATO Charter at the following link: http://cnnato.org/thread-10898.html .

Pay particular attention to the sections on members' responsibilities and government structure. After that, take a swing at the questions below.
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What can you do to help NATO during times of war?
What are your limitations towards trading and aiding while NATO is at war?
Are you expected to pay “taxes” or “dues” for maintaining your NATO membership?
Is there a minimum time you must remain in NATO after becoming a member?
Which organization governs NATO?
Which official is responsible for tech deals, trade circles, and finance?
What is the maximum number of officials (i.e., justices) in the NATO Justice Department that can serve at any one time?
How often are elections held?
What happens if a secretary steps down and more than half of his/her term remains, and what happens if less than half of his/her term remains?
Which government official is in charge of running the elections process?
What percentage of voters need to be in favor of an amendment to the Charter for it to pass?
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