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all times are in British Summer Time (BST):

🧒 Friday 11th June, 6.30pm An Overview of Paediatric Surgery Conditions with Aqua Asif

❤️ Saturday 12th June, 9am ACE your ACS! with Daniel Nie

🩸 Sunday 13th June, 9am A simple guide to the clotting cascade with Natasha Singhal

💜 Sunday 13th June, 6pm Easy as E C G with Harmani Kaur Daler

🧠 Tuesday 15th June, 6pm Neurological & Psychiatric Emergencies with Eva Kerr

⭐️ Wednesday 16th June, 6pm Easy guide to Jaundice and Liver function tests with Risma Remsudeen

💪 Friday 18th June, 6pm Psychiatry Quiz! with Hadis Reyhani

🩸 Monday 21st June, 4pm But how do I interpret U&Es? with Nish Dalavaye

👔 Wednesday 23rd June, 4pm A Crash Course 4.0 - ENT with Omar Marei

🌟 Sunday 27th June, 11am ECGs in a heartbeat! Understanding the basics of ECGs with James Barry

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