1UpOnCancer Office Manager
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The volunteer Office Manager will ensure the smooth functioning of 1UpOnCancer’s physical office at the NōD Coworking building (17290 Preston Rd., Dallas, TX). They are responsible for the overall front office activities, including the reception area and maintain its professional appearance.


- Answering the telephone for 1UpOnCancer and prompt communicating the messages to the respective manager.
- Greet people as they arrive to the office.
- Set up tours of the 1UpOnCancer offices and answer questions regarding the organization.
- Manages the reception, streaming, and the office areas to ensure that they are well-kept and the layout consistent with the NōD Coworking requirements.
- Set schedules for the studio.
- Ensure the volunteers have read and understand the rules for offices and enforce when necessary.
- Ensure that all pertinent forms related to volunteers are signed, scanned, and filed.
- Ensure the streaming room computers, internet, and other equipments are functioning. If not, require troubleshooting skills and able to go to the Program Manager if a solution is not found.
- Ensure that supplies, materials, and equipment are stored in a safe and orderly manner.
- Supervises the maintenance of all equipment, including copier, printer, filing cabinet, etc.
-- If supplies are low, they are to put in order requisition forms for the Program Manager.
- Negotiates the purchase of office supplies and furniture, office equipment, etc. for the entire staff in accordance with company purchasing policies and budgetary restrictions.
- Handle the material requisition forms and ensure that the requests are necessary and relevant to 1UP.
- Arrange office meetings through NōD Coworking for staff.
- Clickup Management, maintain and manage the ClickUp app and make sure it is up to date and everyone knows their tasks.
- Keep notes at weekly meetings.

Training for all duties will be provided.

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