Founders Project
Inc. is turning 40 in 2019. To commemorate that milestone, we're launching the Founders Project, which will pair 40 hero mentors—all of whom are top founders, academics, or experts—with 40 early-stage entrepreneurs.

Our hero mentors will provide their mentees with several hours' worth of advice and expertise throughout the year. Some mentor-mentee pairings may be chosen to appear in the pages of Inc., in articles or videos on, or at Inc. events in 2019. If you are the founder of a business and would like to be considered to be a Founders Project mentee, please fill out the form below.

Information collected here will be used only for editorial purposes and to evaluate each applicant as a potential match with one of our mentors. If you and your company are selected to join the Founders Project, you will be contacted by Inc.

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