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Dear First Lutheran Member,

About 20 members of First Lutheran have met for a series of strategic planning sessions. We developed a list of congregational strengths and weaknesses. One of the weaknesses we focused on was our communication with all members. With that in mind we came up with a list of the different ways we’re currently communicating with our members. You’ll see the list below. What we’re asking of you with this form is to place X marks next to the forms of communication you’re currently using (can be any number) and your preferred methods (can be any number). Also, to better serve you we need to have updated contact information from you. The information you provide will only be used by First Lutheran and will not be shared with anyone else. Parents, please use discretion when providing information about your children, but please include confirmation students. Thank you.
Landline Phone Including Area Code
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Please list all forms of communication you are currently using to receive information from First Lutheran Church
Please list all forms of communication you prefer to use to stay updated with information from First Lutheran
Comments or concerns about First Lutheran's communication.
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