Modpacks you want to see Hosted.
At this time we wish to look to the future and it has been apparent to us that our Beyond server is showing a lack of player presence in the last few weeks. At this time we are simply looking for other potential packs that you would like to see us host. Please take the time to place your vote(s) in the following polls and if you have any suggestions for a Modpack that you believe would offer a valuable multiplayer experience than by all means please state so at the end. We have no intentions of replacing this server just yet and only if a suitable modpack can take its place. We would greatly appreciate your input in this decision.
Staff Packs *
This is a list of Modpacks that we the staff have seen. Place your vote for which you feel would be a suitable Modpack to potentially replace Beyond. *Please note that this poll will not guarantee what will be used as our potential next pack, we will take this information for analysis and decide accordingly based on popular vote*
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If you have a modpack we have potentially overlooked and you believe will provide a great experience for our community then please suggest it below:
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