CUSU Access: Alternative Prospectus Volunteer Teams
The CUSU Access Alternative Prospectus website ( is an online prospectus written by students to offer our insight into being at Cambridge - it aims to break down misconceptions about what studying at Cambridge is like, but also provide prospective applicants with the facts and experiences that they feel the standard prospectus might not give enough info on (the worst bits as well as the best bits etc)...

This year it's getting completely redeveloped, and we're looking for student volunteers to write content! Please use this form to register your interest to join either your College or course team - each team will be made up of 2-3 students who are responsible for their College or subject webpage. You'll compile the initial content for the website launch in mid-March, and then keep it updated and refreshed throughout the academic year. It's going to be much more interactive, alive and abundant with student experiences than our current version - as a team member, you'll have editing rights and be able to upload new text and photos.
It's fun and low commitment, and you'll develop great skills along the way. CUSU will train and support you, but in terms of responsibilities for who's in charge of what on the page you can also play to the strengths within your team and delegate.

So, interested? Let us know what teams you'd be most interested in joining! So many students here testify to the Alternative Prospectus helping them see beyond the negative stereotypes about Cambridge and assist them in making their university applications decisions.

Helena - CUSU Access Officer 2015-16

P.S. Absolutely no experience of website administration required!

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