Application for the Apex High School Academy of Information Technology
This is the online application for the Academy of Information Technology at Apex High School for the graduating class of 2023. This online application must be completed by 3/31/2019. The application should be completed by the student, but a parent/guardian should review it and will be asked for an electronic signature before it is submitted.
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Do you have a sibling who is in or has graduated from AHS AOIT? If yes, list his/her name(s) and graduation year(s). SIBLINGS OF GRADUATES OR CURRENT STUDENTS WILL NO LONGER BE GUARANTEED A SPOT IN THE ACADEMY PER WAKE COUNTY POLICY.
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Please choose one of the following below which best describes your current school assignment status for Apex High School. Students must be assigned to Apex HS to be included in the AOIT lottery.
Two teacher recommendations are required as part of the AOIT application process. Ask permission before listing a teacher on this application. One teacher must be a current Math, English, Science or Social Studies teach; the other may be any current or former middle school teacher, counselor, or administrator. An online recommendation form will be sent to them. Please be sure the email address is correct.
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AOIT Curriculum
AOIT curriculum is an integration of core classes and technology. AOIT offers two sequences of technology courses and AOIT students must complete at least one of the sequences below as a requirement All 9th graders will take Principles of IT/MS Office, and all 10th graders will take Programming 1 Visual Basic. Students will decide after their freshman year whether they want to take the Applications or Programming course of study. Those students taking the Applications course work must take Multimedia Web Design in the spring semester of their 10th grade year. Students wishing to take the Programming course of study will go on and take Programming II in the spring semester of their 10th grade year.

Students may complete both sequences and change sequences, but they must take the prerequisites for each course and finish the 12th grade course in the sequence. All AOIT students will take Principles of IT and the NAF MOS course their freshman year. All AOIT students will take Programming 1 in the fall of their sophomore year.

These courses are subject to change.

9th - Principles of Information Technology/MS Office*
10th - Multimedia & Web Design
11th - E-Commerce I (Honors)
12th - Business, Finance, and Information Technology Advanced Studies
*all AOIT 9th graders will take this course

10th Programming 1*
10th - Computer Programming II (Honors) (C#)
11th - SAS Programming (Honors)
12th - AP Computer Science (Java)
*all AOIT 10th graders will take this course

Please indicate which course of study you think you might be interested in: *
What math are you currently taking? (this helps in planning for AOIT math sections) *
Key a two - three paragraph essay describing why you are interested in the Academy of Information Technology. This must be completed by the student.
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Application Completion and Information:
Students must choose either the applications or programming sequence of IT courses. Students may take both sequences if it fits in their schedule. Students who take both courses in 9th grade may choose which sequence during registration for 10th grade.

Submit the online application by March 31, 2019.

Students will be notified of acceptance or wait-list via e-mail by the end of May.

If there are any changes to school assignment, contact information, or interest in the program after submitting this application, please contact Teia Robinson at 919-387-2208 ext. 27242 or trobinson@wcpss. net.

If there are any problems with your application DO NOT RE-SUBMIT. Contact Teia Robinson and notify her of the change.

More information about the Academy is available at or at

We accept 90 students into the freshmen class of AOIT. A lottery is used to determine acceptance into AOIT. If more than 90 applications are received, a wait-list wiil be created by the lottery order.

Both the student and a parent/guardian must read the following before completing the application. By leaving electronic signatures below, you are agreeing to the following:

The AOIT (Academy of Information Technology) is a four (4) year program that requires successful completion of specific courses and several work-based learning experiences. The requirements must be met for completion of AOIT. Parents and students are in agreement with this application and commit to being a student in AOIT for 4 years.

Placement in AOIT is a privilege that both students and parents must take seriously. The AOIT program relies heavily on parent/guardian participation. Many opportunities will be offered to support the AOIT program such as time, community outreach, committee service, fundraisers, etc. By signing below, you acknowledge that you are aware of the impact that parent participation has on this program and that you will be contacted at various times throughout the four years to provide support

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