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To submit a 3D Printing Request, make sure you have read the 3D Printing Guide at https://fredonia.libguides.com/3dprinting. Then, please complete this form and attach your 3D model in .stl,.obj or .print format. Requests require at least 48 hours notice to be scheduled. Requests made on Friday may not be filled until Tuesday. Requests after 4 p.m. are considered to be submitted the following business day.
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Due to the high volume of requests, we CANNOT guarantee that you can be scheduled before the requested date. Thank you for your understanding.
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If nothing is noted in this section, we will print the file as is. If the file is larger than 50 grams of filament, your requested will be denied and you will have to submit a new request with a file of the correct size or with instructions on how you want us to scale it down.
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