Do you want to help me write a book?
I am working on a book called "Embodied Computational Calculus" (lat. "Calculis computus incorpore", ron. "Analiza calculabilității încorporate"). If you want to help me, read on :)

The main topics :
Computational Cosmology.
Architecture of Perception.
Emergence of Cognition.
Intelligence of Life.

The focus of the book is the search for a model for inter-disciplinary reconciliation between the tenets of computer science (ak. the Turing world), the world of more-or-less theoretical physics (string theory, holographic theory, M-brane theory and so on) and the real-world implications on and perception of living things (us, dogs, microbes, aliens, AI).

If you're a biologist, lawyer, computer scientist, mathematician, painter, artist, neuroscientist or mathematician and you want to contribute or you just want to have arguments or just to see where this game goes. All informed and constructive opinions are welcome.

Do you want to help me write it?
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