International Discounted Dues Application
This application is for applicants from outside the US. We have tiered pricing for international members, providing discounts to members from Tier 2, Tier 3, and Tier 4 countries, as follows (figures in US dollars): Tier 1 (same as US dues) – $200; Tier 2 – $150 dues ($50 discount) for people in countries with per capita GDP-PPP below $40,000; Tier 3 – $100 dues ($100 discount) for people in countries with per capita GDP below $20,000; and tier 4 – $50 dues ($150 discount) for people in countries with per capita GDP below $10,000. Our sources for determining per capita GDP-PPP (gross domestic product + purchasing price power) include the World Bank, IMF, and US CIA. Below are the international tables of dues. All figures are in US dollars.

Note that people from countries in Tiers 2-4 who are employed by organizations from Tier 1 countries (and paid Tier 1 wages/salary) will be considered Tier 1 applicants and will not qualify for a discount.

To apply for the discount, please fill out and sign the form below. No documentation is required. We will respond to all applications via email. If you qualify for a discount, the email will include a discount code you can apply when you register.

Qualifying members may need to reapply in subsequent years.
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Please indicate your home country (for our purposes, the country or countries in which you have resided the last 5 years). If more than one country, please indicate each country and the years you lived in each. *
Please indicate the country in which you have worked the last 5 years. If you have just begun your career and haven't worked 5 years yet, indicate the country in which you've worked since you began working. If you are retired, please indicate the country or countries in which you earned the last 20 years of your income. *
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International Dues Table – Tier 1, Full Dues $200
International Dues Table – Tier 2, $150
International Dues Table – Tier 3, $100
International Dues Table – Tier 4, $50
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