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Gathering of the Tribes

May 26th - 28th, 2023        Email Us at:

Volunteers help make an event run smoothly! Your participation really makes a difference and is appreciated. We will work with you to allow you time to still attend and enjoy the festival. Some of our volunteers have gone on to become coordinators and event planners!

❤️    Most work-trade volunteers need to be available for up to 4 hours per day(s) that they choose during the festival. This can be portioned into 2 shorter shifts. 

❤️  We will also consider a five-hour pre- or post-festival shift for set up and take down or help with social media. 

❤️  You will receive a free meal ticket per completed shift in return for your work-trade. Also, your festival ticket is reduced to half-price for days you are not volunteering! 

❤️  You may volunteer more than one day. You also get free camping (your tent or car) for the weekend.

Work-trade opportunities include box office, parking, green team, grounds crew, marketing, hospitality, medical, stage crew, photographer, and videographer. We make every effort to pair each volunteer to their area(s) of expertise so tell us your talents! If you have questions you can call Dave Miller 908-705-5635.
Here is an archive of our Gathering of the Tribes August 2022:

Below are descriptions of what we need. Check the areas you feel fit your abilities and we will contact you to confirm your choice! If you can only help one day let us know. Same if you want in all weekend with camping!

Box Office/Front Gate: Here, you will be working at the entrance registering and banding folks for general admission, campers, artists, vendors, and other volunteers into the festival.  You will have the map and schedule.

You may be handling money and need to have a smart phone; you should understand PayPal and Venmo. We will offer an online training prior. The box office works in tandem with parking volunteers for a smooth entry.

Parking: You will be pre-checking in vendors and campers and guiding cars safely into the parking area, directing to entry, and bathrooms, smoking area, etc. You will know about accessibility for unloading, handicap, and camping locations.  Parking works with front gate for smooth entry. We will have either a Zoom meeting or a camp walk thru prior to the event.

Grounds Crew: If you are good at general maintenance, canopy/tent set-ups, and take-downs, installing and maintaining signage, running extension cords. Assisting in an "at-large" capacity where needed, then this is for you. This will include moving tables and chairs to locations before, during and after the event. You will have a map and you can also take photos. We will have a camp walk thru prior to the event to give everyone a chance to better understand the layout.

Green Team: We want to return the camp better than we found it. we need help keeping the grounds clean. You will be collecting recycling, and the minimal garbage we will be creating. Maintaining the smoking area if needed. Checking condition of the bathrooms & cleaning as required. You may also take photos. You will have a map. Option to attend a walk thru prior to the event.

Marketing: Are you good at posting on TikTok or Instagram or other social media? How about handing out flyers at other fairs and markets? You will be assigned a marketing task to help us get the word out prior to the festival. This may be social media or it may be writing copy or creating memes for publication. If this is your forte, we are ready for you now!

Videographer: If you capture the action as it happens, focus on what's important yet show the bigger picture, this is for you. Some recordings may be of a presentation or a performer. Others may be capturing the crowd, the vendors, the dancing! You will get a schedule and be assigned activities but also be able to freelance. We will either have a Zoom pre-meeting or a walk through of the camp prior to the event.

Photographer: If you prefer the candid or emotional in action photo over a posed photoshoot, this is for you. Capturing the crowd, the vendors, the audience, the dancing! You will get a schedule and be assigned specific areas and you can also freelance. We will either have a Zoom pre-meeting or a walk through of the camp prior to the event.

Medical: If you are a certified EMT with your own equipment and would like to come for the weekend on call, you can get your weekend ticket for free. Call Dave at 908-705-5635.

We are also seeking certified EMTs, nurses, Red Cross certified, certified CPR, and First-Aid Responders to register when they are onsite. If the then current government/CDC requirements for outside events require Covid-19 screening to meet compliance, we will need help there.

Hospitality: We are looking for one or two people who help when someone is lost, if a vendor needs help watching their booth while they are presenting, musicians need water, sometimes we need resetting after workshops,  and available at large. You will know the layout and have the map and a schedule.  Friday 10 am, May 26th and early Saturday the 27th are a priority at the festival to get vendors in. The remainder is spread out during the day. Congenial personality even during stress a must! We will either have a Zoom pre-meeting or a walk through of the camp prior to the event.

Stage Crew: If you are good at running sound, running getting mics set up, and getting folks off stage, this is for you. Taking photos and video a bonus. You will have a schedule. We will either have a Zoom pre-meeting or a walk through of the camp prior to the event.

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BASIC RATES:  We are offering free camping to you for your participation at the event. If you would like a ticket for days you are not volunteering, they are 1/2 price. If you would like to upgrade to a group tent or cabin please email for price.
Please check all that apply and you will be sent an invoice for payment via PayPal or Square. Registration will not be considered complete until payment is made.  Refunds 14 days before event.
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Choose Options with Rates
Hold Harmless Agreement:  As our event is being held on a girl scout camp & forest, you may encounter poison ivy, ticks, stones or ground holes, rugged terrain, fallen branches, etc. Be aware of these, hydrate yourself and have sun protection. Most of all, relax and enjoy yourself!

The Volunteer shall indemnify and hold harmless, Touch Mother Earth Non-Profit,  (Dave) David Miller,  and Cheryl Glover. their staff including volunteers and outside services, their employees, agents, and servants from and against any and all losses, penalties, damages, settlements, costs, charges, investigation, and defense of any claims, arising out of or resulting from the performance of the Contract/Vendor’s work or the completed operations provided that any such claim damage, loss or expense (a) is attributable to bodily injury, sickness, disease, or death, or to injury to or destruction of the tangible property including the loss of the use resulting in their form:  and (b) is caused in whole or in part by negligent act or omission of the Contract/Vendor, or anyone directly or indirectly employed by them or anyone for whose acts they may be liable (including a claim by an employee of the Contractor/Vendor) regardless of whether it is caused in part by a party indemnified hereunder. In any and all claims against, Touch Mother Earth Non-Profit, (Dave) David Miller, and Cheryl Glover, their staff including volunteers and outside services or Camp Sacajawea of Monmouth County, their employees, agents, and servants by any, anyone directly or indirectly employed by them or anyone for whose acts they may be liable, the indemnification obligation under this Agreement shall not be limited in any way by any limitation on the amount or type of damages, compensation or benefits payable by or for the Contractor/Vendor under Worker’s Compensation Acts, disability benefit acts or other employee benefit acts.
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