[11/21] Mineral Collecting Trip
Come join us for a day of scavenging for TREASURE! The retired Betts Manganese Mine in western Massachusetts is open to the public to roam and collect minerals and gems. More details http://buoutingclub.com/1121-mineral-collecting/
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Do you own a hammer?
Many of the rocks and minerals on the site have oxidized over time causing a black coating. Hammers are necessary to crack the rocks open and access all the pretty things inside! If you own more than one hammer and/or know someone that you could borrow a hammer from, please specify that below. All borrowed hammers will be labeled with tape to ensure they are returned to their rightful owner!
Do you own safety goggles?
Safety goggles are also necessary for every person excavating on the site. Same deal as the hammers- If you have more than one pair and/or can get your hands on more than one, please specify below. All borrowed goggles will be labeled with tape to ensure they are returned to their rightful owners at the end of the day!
Can you drive for this trip?
If you can drive for this trip, how many people (including yourself) can you fit in your car?
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The number of people on this trip is limited to the number of seats we have in cars. The price for this trip is between $15-$20 depending on how many people we have room for.
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