How do you attend events?
The goal of this survey is try to discern how people have been attending events during the pandemic, and if our habits will change in the near future when live (IRL) events are reintroduced to the calendar.

This survey is completely anonymous and the published report will use only aggregated data.

Answering all questions in the survey will take you about 3-5 minutes to complete.

The survey is an initiative by Game Conference Guide, the daily updated database of all games industry events around the world:

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DEADLINE for submissions is 30th of April.
How many events did you attend in 2019 (before the pandemic)? *
Looking back at 2019, how much were you travelling internationally before the pandemic? *
How many events did you attend in 2020 (both live and digital)? *
What are your top two (2) reasons to attend an event this year (2021)? *
What is your event strategy for this year (2021)? *
How would you rate your experience with digital events so far? *
Are you preparing for events beforehand? *
For meetings, for networking, making sure you have idea what is on schedule, sessions...
Making new friends / leads is: *
Closing a deal / lead is: *
What is the main reason that would make you attend a live event, if you can participate in one tomorrow? *
If the pandemic situation improves, are you planning to attend live events this year? *
What is your biggest concern to attend live events again? *
You can pick more than one option here.
What are your expectations from live events once they return?
Share your idea, best practice, recommendation, experience that you would like to see in live events
Do you think there are enough industry events in general (online or live)? *
What would you say is the main takeway from digital events that future live events should pay attention to?
Tell us about feature, strenght, UPS that you think should not be ignored.
Lastly, please tell us about your role: *
I am based in *
Country / City is enough. Leave empty if you do not want to disclose your location
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