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Momo Movement workshops delivered through disability serving agencies can be designed to meet the specific needs and goals of your clients and organization. Come together one time or once a week for up to 12 weeks to explore creative movement and self-expression for all bodies and all brains. Work toward a short-term goal, like a performance at your AGM, talent show or other agency celebration or just enjoy the opportunity to move together.

Momo's workshop facilitators are trained dancers that also have backgrounds in delivering programs for or supporting person's with disabilities. They work hard to facilitate an equitable, respectful, fun, creative environment where everyone, client and support staff, has the opportunity to participate.

Use this form to enquire about hosting a Momo workshop at your agency.

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Momo likes to prepare in advance to deliver the most accessible programming we can for the most participants. It helps us plan accordingly to have an idea about what kinds of disabilities your clients experience. Please select all that apply.
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