[HDA] External Affairs — Application Form
Do you wish to become a part of a spirited division that aims to develop and strengthen diplomatic relations across agencies?

Do you have the aptitude to advocate the interests of our agency?

Do you think you have what it takes to represent HDA's brand of reputable amity within Habbo's community?

Basic requirements to join HDA EA:
- Must be ranked Operation+
- Must have worked at HDA for at least two weeks
- Must not have any unresolved disciplinary sanctions
- Must be active in base and in Discord
- Should be willing to represent HDA professionally and be comfortable with meeting new people

Fill out this form and answer the questions to the best of your abilities — but most importantly — let your answers genuinely reflect your social predisposition.

Good luck!

If you have any questions please reach out to EA iC members:
1iC: andmandawaslike
2iC:  Jenn-ifer
3iC:, Jacobcrs
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Have you worked at HDA for at least two consecutive weeks? If you left HDA and came back, you must be a member for 2 weeks since re-joining. This is a requirement that must be fulfilled before applying. *
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