Sophie's Circle Foster Application
Please take your time to fill in the application. It may take you up to 15 minutes. Please review all the questions before starting and be sure to have all the information requested. Thank you for your time! Also, please allow us 48-72 hours to reply. You should receive an email confirmation once you submit your application. This is confirmation that it has been received.
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How many Children in home? *
If Children are in home, then what are their ages?
What is the activity level of your home? *
Do you smoke/vape in your home? *
How long will the dog be left alone during the day? *
Is your yard completely fenced? *
If fenced, then what type?
Do you currently have pets in your home? *
If yes, please enter ALL this information: Name, Species, Age, Weight, Vaccinations, Heartworm/Flea Prevention and Spay/Neutered.
Vet Name/contact information for current/past pets? (Include NONE or Vet Name, address, phone) *
If you currently have pets in the home, why would they make a good match with a foster pet? (Personality? Energy level? Submissive or Dominate?  Socialized? Any issues with food and/or toys? Anything else we should know about your pet?)
Why would your home be a good foster home? (include how much time dogs spend outside, inside, alone, where dogs stay when you are not home, what is your feeding routine, etc.) *
Tell us about your experience with animals. (Own, Train, Foster, Etc.) *
When it comes to relating to dogs, do you consider yourself *
Are you willing to foster any of the following special-needs pets? (select all that apply) *
What type of pets to you prefer to foster? (select all that apply) *
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