Logan Fringe Arts Space :: Rental Request Form
Thank you for your interest in renting the Logan Fringe Arts Space!

Please use the form below to request a rental at one of our three venues: The TRINIDAD THEATRE, FRINGE ARTS BAR and COURTYARD.

Once you have completed this form, please schedule a time with our Program Manager, David Carter (david@capitalfringe.org) to come to the Logan Fringe Arts Space to talk through the details of your rental and draft up a contract.

Before submitting, please double check to ensure you have filled this form out correctly and to completion. Reference our Logan Fringe Arts Space calendar to see dates that are available for renting to ensure accuracy.

We will not process incomplete forms.

Name of your Organization / Company
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Primary Contact
This is the person we will primarily ask questions to about your rental, who we expect will pick up checks, sign contracts, etc.
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Phone Number
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Please indicate which space you are interested in renting.
Renting these spaces means you and your patrons will have *exclusive use,* during the times you rent, of these locations. Otherwise they will be open to the public or for others to program. Please do note that any other space at the Logan Fringe Arts Space may be in use during your time with us. Its rare, but does happen (and brings more people to your event!)
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