Performers & Creators Lab Podcast (Submissions)
Would you like to be interviewed as a featured guest? Get advice or coaching on the show? Or do you know another expert or artist we should interview? Please answer the following questions to give us a little more info so we can determine which episode we can place you into.

WHAT THE SHOW IS ABOUT: Empowering an Army of Artists on the Leading Edge!

1. Interviews with artists who are making it (accomplished professional artists)
2. Artists to get coaching or advice on the show (these are often also pro artists)
3. Experts in and pertaining to the performing arts
4. Artists doing healing, social justice, or transformational work with their art

Interviews are done virtually via video conferencing, so all locations encouraged to apply!

Once we receive this form, we'll contact you to schedule a time for the interview based on the episodes we are currently creating.

THANK YOU in advance for helping us make an inspiring and valuable podcast!

Holly Shaw
Podcast Host
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What topics would you like to talk about on the show? Performers & Creators Lab Podcast covers a wide variety of topics related to professional artists, performers, and creativity. Where do you see your conversation fitting? *
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If you would like to get advice or coaching on the show, then what are the biggest challenges you are facing right now that you'd like help with?
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If you would like to get advice or coaching on the show, then how would you like to appear?
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Please provide 2-5 questions you would like to be asked during your interview. Is there something that would inspire the audience? A piece of your journey that is fascinating? We want to know! NOTE: THIS SECTION IS IMPORTANT. It helps us imagine where we could place you in the show lineup. *
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Thank you for taking the time to submit! We appreciate you and will do our best to communicate with you within the next 7 days. Please be patient as we take time to consider each person carefully. In the meantime, check out Episodes 5, 25 or 31 (to get examples of a coaching call) and Episodes 4, 24, 39 (for examples of Interview with Artists who are making it) and Episodes 8, 12, 42 (for examples of an expert interview)
The podcast is on iTunes, Stitcher, the VoiceAmerica Variety Channel and just about anywhere you listen to your podcasts:-)
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