Primary Pupil Survey - supporting learning
The Highland Council is gathering information about how pupils feel about their learning. We are especially looking for feedback about how pupils feel they are supported in their learning when they need more help.
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Which school do you go to?
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Which class are you in?
Do you sometimes get help from another teacher or adult with your learning?
I attend the support base / unit for some or all of my learning.
Staff treat me fairly and with respect.
Other children treat me fairly and with respect.
My school helps me to understand and respect other people.
I enjoy learning at school.
I feel that my work in school is hard enough.
I know who to ask to help if I find my work too hard.
If my work is too hard, I can get different work which I can do.
There is someone to help me if the work is too hard.
I think that we use computers and Chromebooks to help us learn.
Do you have a Child Plan to support your learning?
If you have a Child Plan, do you understand it?
What changes, if any, could we make to help you learn at school?
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This survey is about supporting pupils in school. Please add anything you would like to say about how pupils are supported in school
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