Built-in AI (a proposal from Chrome)

For more context, please check goo.gle/chrome-ai-dev-preview

The web platform team in Chrome is exploring a “built-in AI” concept where the browser would have built-in AI models to enable on-device AI for browser features and web platform APIs. 

With built-in AI, your site or web app will be able to run various AI tasks against foundation and expert models without having to worry about deploying and managing said models. In particular, we will have Gemini Nano, the smallest version of the Gemini model family, running locally on most modern desktop and laptops with Chrome.

That said, this is still very early days, so we'd love to hear from the community! Your feedback and insights will help us refine our thinking and guide our discussions with other browser vendors for the standardization process.

Please fill out this form to signal your interest or share feedback, and optionally sign-up to our early preview program.

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